My Digital Chaos

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My Digital Chaos


The digital work loads have been light. As the load on my server is usually less than zero. I have however made my computer work a lot to build this site. Everything from using Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and BBEdit.

This site has four main sections where you will find useful ways to use this site and to make contact with me. Under the About section you will find information about 42bitpi, ctopher 42, and our privacy policy. There is also a link to the full blog under

Under Content you will find the links to the social blog which has the content that gets posted to facebook, twitter, and Instagram.

There is the seconds which is a clock designed to show how many seconds remain in this year, as well as how many seconds remain in today. The cool part about this is it works in any time zone in the world. The page will automatically reload at midnight in your time zone when the time zone is set correctly.

Also contained under the content drop down menu is the guide to success which is my advice to writers, photographers, and artists that want to be successful online. These are some ideas to give you something to think about on how to be more successful online.

There are two coin flippers under content. There is the original coin flip with a fifty cent piece and a quarter for the tales. The joke behind this is even if you get two tails and one heads it's still fifty / fifty. Because two quarters are equal to one fifty cent piece. So don't have a wishbone, put some backbone into it. There is also a bit coin flip, which works the same way but has the same value for heads and tales.

Also included are the group of perl scripts that have been in use for a number of years. Please do NOT download these unless you are familiar with PERL or how to use PERL. They will serve no use to layman computer users that don't know what they are doing from the command line. There is however some useful scripts that can do some pretty cool things for UNIX/Linux geeks that like to work off the command line for doing stuff.

The legacy pages are contained under the legacy menu. These pages should not be linked to as they may go away in whole someday. It just depends. I have thought about making older versions of my websites available to show the progress that has been made over the years of my experience in web design. Some of them have been pretty bad.

There is also the contact form where you can send me love letters and fan mail. This works if you have questions or just want to say that you appreciate my work.

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