About My Misfit Day

This site is my day in photographs. It has two purposes, the main purpose being that I want a record of my days, and what is normal. The second part of that, is I feel my life is really boujee, and not the life I wanted to be living. I'm working to change some of these things.

Progress is slow. This project was fun to make. I enjoyed building, I got a real kick out of doing the programming for it. There were some parts of it, that were very complex. It only took me three or four days to build it. That includes the two days wasted trying to do something that wasn't going to work to start with.

You can see more about Ctopher Thomas on my personal website: Misfit.Ctopher.Me. I hope you enjoy my photos, be sure to visit my other sites, and check them all out. If you are really adventurous, you might buy a book, if you like to read.

This project will be ongoing, as I wish to document a year or more of my life. I'm hoping for some changes in my life, and working towards that. Enjoy!


Ctopher Thomas Photo

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