Stop!! Stop It Now!!


The Sky!! Check It!


Original Artwork


This Lamp X


Cloudy Skies...


Damn Duck


Tired Old Tree


Sunflower Star II


Sunflower Star


Special Moon Glow




Special Water


Vanilla Sky


Lights Bending Shape


Life is. Things are.


Tighten It Up!


Soft Stone Flowers


Which Way The Grass Does Bend


Artistic Flowers


Gears In Time


Humans On The Bounce!!


Make A Wish #3


Iris #2


Iris From Ages. . .


Blooms In Kindness #2


Rocks, Ultra Cool.


Artists Touch!!


Photography As Art...


Cross That Bridge...


Brick? Something to think about!


Bending Light? Don\'t Do It.


Poetry Is For Reading


Advice In Poetry


Forever Spin Top


Write Everyday!!


Make Some Artistic Dirt!!


The System of The World


Cherry Plumb Blooms


A Little Light. . .


Store A Little Magic Safe


Rocks!! Keep Some Around


Magic Is In Music!!


Doggie Prints In Sand


Take The Dogs For A Ride!!


Clay Work #3


Clay Work #4


Clay Work #5


Clay Work, The Take Away


Grass On The Bank


Clay Work #1 - The Shape


Lavender - A Favorite!!


Some Box of Secrets


Clay Work, fun!!


Old Writing Desk . . .


The Answer is blowing in the wind.


Her Giants Wish


Artistic Rendering of Flowers...


Bygone Wishes, like a fox. . .


Have A Care!! Dare!!


So Red The Rose.... Soft Version.


Trumpet Vine


Cloudy Sunset - Real Beauty


A Ray of Light!!


Peak \'a Boo !!


Nice Sunset Autumn


Puff of Clouds....


Forks And Hope!!


Dog Toys


Leaves of Three - Raspberry Plant


More Hidden Laughter...


Golden Leaves In Autumn


Autumn Is Shinning Alive...


The Sky Is Thinking...


At Autumns Sunset


Song In The Air...


Shadows Sway....


Nice Colors....


Sunset With Sky


Can You Hear The Leaves?


Winters Toll


Like Hidden Laughter....


Signs of Life....


Trees Dig Deep


Winters Cruel Storm


Green Apples


Pasadena City Hall - Night Shot


My Left Foot #2


The View


Bronze Dolphin - 3rd Street


3rd Street - Santa Monica


Very Old Tree


Just Wrong !!


Log !! Fits On Your Back....


Half Full ?


The Beach View


Tide Pools At The Beach


My Left Foot


Pile of Gates


Growing Stuff


Window Into Time


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