My Digital Chaos

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My Digital Chaos


As the light in the last minutes of day fades, so dawn comes to light somewhere that was night. Some believe the squares are best, however keeping track of time is best done in circles.

A long complex teaching may be beneficial, however if a simple perfect teaching can convey the desired meaning then it's more suitable for people. To really be effective combine several short perfect teachings into a longer structure. The problem comes when one tries to make something more complex than it should be.

Most people today aren't able to make sense of basic teachings, much less comprehend them well enough to make better ones. Some people believe that it is useless to even try to do such.

Anything is possible if you have the "Grit" and the guts to work for what you want. It's a matter of having a fire inside you that makes anything possible. Many have become cynical and have stopped to believe that it's even possible.

Not all things are probable, but most is not impossible. Just extremely unlikely. However life is not really a game of probabilities. Success is never a matter of luck. It only comes from thinking, and work, and effort, and not giving up when everything seems bleak. Success isn't earned, nor given. Failure isn't always because of a lack of skill.

Of all things maintain virtue. Then most other problems will be easier to deal with. Sometimes what is one persons disaster is another persons happy out come. There is need to always be kind. Sometimes life doesn't go the way we planned it, but sometimes a mistake can be a blessing too. It just depends upon your frame of mind. Train yourself to see the good in life.

Make good use of your time, tell someone else about



A short perfect teaching is better than a long complex one.

May the force be with you...


Here are photos of our doggies. They are super cute, you should see their page, and admire them from afar.

Here is some food for thought, something to inspire you when you need to know what will make life a bit better. Enjoy!

Try our moon phase calculator out. Full calendar of moon dates, full moons, and new moons.





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