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Ctopher Thomas

Ctopher Thomas



Ctopher is a awesome guy. In the 1,521,630,148 seconds alive, he has lived a very interesting life. You should get to know him, before it's too late. He is a free thinker, and has written over six million words in his journals.

It is his belief that the world is -1,960 days overdue for change. Something should have changed by now; REALLY!! If you want to know a lot more, read the long version by clicking the button below. Be adventurous; find out more.

Ctopher values ideas and the thought behind them. Music is an important part of his life, and he listens to wide range of music that would seriously make you think. People matter to him, and the roles they play in his life.

Ctopher believes writing is important to him, you should read it all. His photography is something he has practiced for many years, it has been something fun to do when he can get to it. He also plays with web design, and has been developing websites for a long time.

Lastly, he likes a good meal, but it seems he is only living on coffee and cigarettes. Feed him.

Ctopher Thomas is a generation X dog lover, that likes a good bitch. His ideas would blow your mind, or at least leave you something to think about.

The world is due for change. Something should have happened by now, something that makes life a lot better for everyone. His goal is to make life better. So far, you can only calculate its estimated prize in broken mathematics and a handle that doesn't open.

There are many ideas that he values. He has spent a long time thinking about ideas, and the people they will effect. If we could make change happen, it might be really great.

Don't ignore his dreams, they might make your life a lot better. There is some comfort to be had, if you don't estimate your prize in broken mathematics.

You should look around his website, and see what you think of the content. There is a lot here, and he has done the work himself. He has spent a lot of time working on this site, use it well.

Bored with the status quo, looking for some adventure.








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