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My Digital Chaos

Ctopher Thomas

Ctopher has been seriously writing, for some twenty years. He has published a few books, many blog posts, and enough quips, to make a small book.

His work, has been from ever constant practice. Always thinking about the use of the language, and how to make the best sense of complex problems of self expression. Or is that confession? One may never know what it will be next.

You would have to read all of the work to really make heads or tails of it. You should start in the obvious places, like After A Fashion, then move to the less known, and perhaps more obscure site of: My Digital Chaos.

One you have those two bodies of work completely read, and understood, then you should move to the books he has written, and maybe some of the more personal work.

There are very few readers, and even fewer that actually understand it. It has been a dream, that someday people would understand his perspective, and know a bit about him.

Writing is through sheer bloody minded boredom, and the desire to be prolific in his efforts. Sometimes, it is important to know how much is enough; and hence, not everything is public.

Of what is public, there is a wide variety of work to sample and understand. He really hopes, that you will invest your time, and take the time to read it, and understand it.

If he were to make an estimate, the total word count would be somewhere near seven million words, that he has written. At last count, there were some 35,000 text files on his computer. That is just the last eight years work. Some of them, went into the bit bucket, and others, have been lost through mis-calculated efforts.

There is a poem he would like to have. Maybe, someday.



A short perfect teaching is better than a long complex one.

May the force be with you...


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