Did You Know...


A Box Of Socks... Maybe rocks.

Going to round those doggies up. To whole numbers...

Fox, socks, box; don't buy my used socks... Use the box, and finish the fox.

Dogs are good. Cats are bad. Wish I had a life. No wife. Pity that the Borg want to rule. No one will have anything!

Happy 42 years of interstellar hitchhiking, being in infinitely improbable situations, having near-death escapades, and continuing the hunt for a good cup of tea! - from online fan base.


Here are photos of our doggies. They are super cute, you should see their page, and admire them from afar.

Here is some food for thought, something to inspire you when you need to know what will make life a bit better. Enjoy!

Try our moon phase calculator out. Full calendar of moon dates, full moons, and new moons.








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