Sanity Checking For Modern World

This is provided for entertainment purposes only. Remember to have fun with it!

1. What is the name of your species?
2. Do you listen to classical music?
3. What shape does the red dots in the picture form?
4. Are you more than a warm body with a clean face?
5. You go to Walmart, outside you see a man with no shoes, what do you do?
6. Do you know yourself very well?
7. How often do you write in a journal?
8. Do you watch much Television?
9. Are you competent to do almost anything?
10. Are you listening to music often?
11. Do you take care of your belongings?
12. Do you have old friends that have stuck by you for many years?
13. Do you have any ideas that you tend to on a regular basis?
14. Are you creative?
15. Can you solve problems without loosing your temper?
16. Are you patient?
17. Do you have self mastery?
18. Are you kind?
19. Do you have more than two skills at something technical?
20. Did you answer all the questions honestly?
21. Are you using your mind more than 50% of the time?
22. Are you always trying to do better?
23. What happens 24 times a day and only lasts a minute?