Perfectly Normal, is far too boring


Funny Joke!


Isolation sucks...


Candle shot. . .


What people know. . .


Machinery Broken


Stop Hurting The Earth!!


Toasted Happy Puffs


Something fun for you!


That is the truth!!




Did You Know...

Did you get out alive? Bravo!!

There are some good people in this world!!

Real dreams are not easy to come by. . .

Looking for something fun...

Be cautious: Life is a trap for fools!!

The exquisite life of an immortal. . .

Free Your Mind From The Hate!!

Never Human!! Why lose your soul?

The misfit wasn't rebellious. It was nature.

The logical solutions haven't worked out!!

Be Wise, Do what is best.

I'm keen on finding better solutions. . .

A society that doesn't think, is never literate.

Prompt profound regret!!

A self fulfilling prophecy. It won't be fun!!

Peace, love, and kindness.

Therefore, they are not smart!!

Truth: You can make a machine smart. . .

There is some amusement in this. . . .

Hate doesn't drive out hate, only love does that.

Excellence is only through habits. . .

Smart would have been kind to me!!

Want some affection, before it is too late!!

No love without trust!!



Here is the page about the artist Ctopher Thomas. If you are really adventurous you can read the long version. There is some clever use of PHP on this page. Check it

With this link, you can flip a coin with our coin flipper. Try to get the best two out of three. You can always try it out!

Here are photos of our doggies. They are super cute, you should see their page, and admire them from afar.






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