Perfectly Normal, is far too boring


Funny Joke!


Isolation sucks...


Candle shot. . .


What people know. . .


Machinery Broken


Stop Hurting The Earth!!


Toasted Happy Puffs


Something fun for you!


That is the truth!!


Original Work. . .


Smoke On Watercolors


Original Artwork: Watercolor


Original Artwork: Prism Design


Self Reflections On A Year


A little bit crazy. . .


Galaxy Marbles


Some People. . .


Ctopher Thinking


Take Some Photos


Nice Shot


Bored Shot


Dog Walk The Shot


The Trail Shot of Light


Lighters #2


Lighters #01


Smile in good times...


Smile in trouble


Bed Frame - On Spot


Broken Stuff


Artwork #1013


Artwork #1012


Working With Photoshop




My Digital Chaos


Bored? Do so at your own risk!!


On The Edge Of A Coin....


Create Your Own Magic !!


The System, Think about it!!


Every word of self pity was wasted


Trees, kinda spooky


Life Will Have Meaning Again...


The Only Meaning You Will Find...


Rocks!! Get Some!!


What is Enough?


Photo of YT


Don\'t Be Fooled...


Every Been This Tired?


Hmm... Forgot Something...


Definition of Insanity


Starbucks Cup. With Art!!


It Takes No Special Talent To Be


Success Is Not The Teacher!!


Notes About Success!!


Style Guide, Use Some!


Chicago Manual of Style Photo


When Faced With a Rock and Hard


Sour Cotton !!


Sad. I Want More Than That!


Quote About Spiritual Men


Stairway to heaven


I used to think, they will fix it.


I Have Dreams Not Yet Realized!!


Why? Tell me a good reason!!


A flower can not bloom


Just Existing Isn\'t Enough


Dare To Be Different


Do What You Can, Make life better


Chaos Theory


Attitude Is Useful


Photo of CTOPHER


Depression Sucks!


Possibility Is A Good Thing!!


The Difficult Thing To Do....


I want the perfect world !!


It looks nice, But consider this...


Anyone Can When the sea is calm.


Rebel !


Only Teach....




Not every opportunity is a good one


Gen X Motto! Just X it


Definition of Lovely


Look! A Plane...


Bricks Don\'t Burn


What Does The Future Hold?


Do It Right The First Time


A Long Line of Failures


Bricks of Clay


Forever Spin Top, Like mine!!


Write Every Day!!


What have you done for your mind?


Did You Know...

A self fulfilling prophecy. It won't be fun!!

Excellence is a choice you must make. . . .

There are some good people in this world!!

The exquisite life of an immortal. . .

Going to leave a funny joke in its wake.

Talent: Being able to hit a target others miss....

Be Wise, Do what is best.

There is some amusement in this. . . .

Truth: You can make a machine smart. . .

I'm keen on finding better solutions. . .

The whole point of calculations is to be precise.

Hate doesn't drive out hate, only love does that.

Want some affection, before it is too late!!

Did you get out alive? Bravo!!

They however wouldn't know good from bad!!

Prompt profound regret!!

Excellence is only through habits. . .

The logical solutions haven't worked out!!

Free Your Mind From The Hate!!

No one should have to beg for love. . .

The doggies, are however adorable!!

If you live my life; You will agree with me!

This life, has not been very good!!

Wish I could pull my whole mouth out, put in new.

Peace, love, and kindness.

The misfit wasn't rebellious. It was nature.

No love without trust!!

I want to be happy. . .

Sometimes, however people are wise beyond normal..

Need some effective solutions!!

Smart would have been kind to me!!

Some things sink in real quick!!

Therefore, they are not smart!!

Real dreams are not easy to come by. . .

Looking for something fun...

Misfits Are Special.

A society that doesn't think, is never literate.

Never Human!! Why lose your soul?

We want some action on the set!! Lights, Camera ..

Be cautious: Life is a trap for fools!!

Sometimes if trained they know right from wrong. .



Here are photos of our doggies. They are super cute, you should see their page, and admire them from afar.

These are a collection of photos, artwork, or memes. Check them out, and enjoy the view. Brought to you by Ctopher.Me!!

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