Daily Outlook!


This is a time for action. Your thoughts will be empowered for creative efforts. Your love for creative things will also be brought to light. Your achievements are not far off.


Spend four hours and make a plan. A good plan executed very well, will change your life. Take the time, and do the work. Plan for this week, and what your going to do. This is a good time for taking action, and following through on those plans this week.


Your thoughts will be empowered by the near future. The moon will help you feel the true power your thoughts can have. Keep a positive outlook on the near future. Your ability to make progress is not far away.


Do keep your love for creative things alive. Listen to music, or watch a movie. This is a good time to be thinking about how to achieve results. And you want results, right?


Things are starting to line up in a creative way, keep the hope alive, and do something with your efforts. Stay creative, and growth is not far away. Your creative side is starting to peak through the night sky. Time to dream something in the early hours of the morning.


Your actions will see good results if you keep a positive outlook. Love needs to be tended to, do remember to be kind to everyone. Your thoughts will be able to experience new achievements.


Your dreams are not far away. The time to grow is now, if you want to achieve new thoughts, you have to do the work. If you think about being creative and all the ways you can grow, your dreams will see better success.


You are empowered through action. Make your creative dreams possible. Finish this week, with a poem. Your thoughts are not your aim, creative results are the goal. The time for growth is now.


You can be love. The power to love is within you. Dreams are not far off, if you want to evolve, you have to love your work, yourself, and being creative. Spend a few hours today planning for the future.


Your actions need to be motivated by love. You will find more meaning and purpose in doing something with your thoughts, and acting on them in creative ways. If you want to grow, you have to master your thoughts.


Dreams are coming later in the day. Write a poem, or do something that requires thinking. Remember to be kind in your day, people may feel love is lacking. Take action, and tell people you love them.


Your ability to master your creative power is not far off. With the way this is going to line up, your growth is inevitable. Your dreams are going to be empowered, with results through actions.


Work to make your life better. Take action, doing work out of love. Don't try to communicate the unspeakable, make your art work speak for itself. It is difficult to tell someone you love them, when everyone is unhappy. Smile.


There is reason to believe you always have the power to be creative. These times, actions done from love, makes all the difference. Dreams are best when you use reason and logic to understand the right perspective.


Your thoughts should be towards achievements done out of love. Take pleasure in doing something creative, that makes life better for everyone. Put some beauty back into this world. Growth is important, try some new music.


Your thoughts, should not all be geared for achievements. You have to keep the right perspective about why you dream. A good why is more important, than any setbacks you may have. Spend a few hours to plan for the upcoming week.


Thoughts may be difficult, however your powers for dreaming are not going to suffer. Love will find a way to make your growth really shine. Take action in creative outlets.


Try something new today. Spice it up. Things are not aligned for being dull, you have to be the smartest person in the room, take your growth to a new level; learn something new and exciting. Your feelings are in full swing, keep dreaming of the future.


Achieve a delicate balance of love and action. Dreams, have the power to make life better for everyone, if you do them with kindness at heart. Your creative dreams can be better if you do something kind for others today.


Take action out of love. Be creative with your ideas. Take the time to write today. You might want to achieve too much with the time and resources you have. Take it easy on your wallet.


Your likely feeling lost today. Things will ease up soon. Keep your dreams about growth, and maybe you can be a star someday. Never stop believing in yourself.


Your thoughts need a break. Take some time to watch a movie, or talk with a friend. Your growth needs a day off. Sometimes doing nothing can be a good thing. Keep your love alive, and times will get better.


Your mind is likely working double time right now. Write bad poetry, and make your creative side shine. Try to make the best of it, the situation is temporary, and will change someday. Spend a few hours and plan for the upcoming week. Be sure to schedule time for being creative.


Dreams seem far fetched. Be realistic about your goals. If you keep thinking about success and love; your success will be much sweeter. Write that story, make people believe something really great. You can do it!


Your achievements will be remembered. Do make sure they remember you for your creative work. Do something that makes them never forget your work. Get peoples attention this time.


Your aim should be in being kind. Creative work is only to make some beauty in life. Maybe, you should work on your growth to change people's ways of thinking. Your thoughts will be empowered by the right motives. Dare to dream!


Your growth will lead to new achievements. You should be proud of yourself. Be kind, love will come back into fashion. Your actions will do better when done from love. Love your creative work, and it will love you.


Potential is something to harness and make grow, you have the power to feel more. Take these dreams, and do something good with them. You have to be like water, adapt to changes in plans.


You may feel a rush of love come into your life. If your achievements do not feel enough, maybe today you will get some relief. There is much to be done, keep it positive.


You may not feel creative? Maybe you should dream some new goals. Spend the day, and plan your week out. You have to make good use of your time. The way you feel, is temporary, but art is forever. Spend a few hours planning for this week. The better you plan, the better off you will be.


A real shift in your energy is coming. Stay alert for the divine. Maybe inspiration will find you ready to share your artwork. Be brave, take the first step; pick up the paints, and do something with them.


You may feel really good about being creative, if you keep it focused today. The moon is gathering your achievements in the future, and it may be something great. Keep your thoughts positive, and stay focused. Remember you are star stuff.


You may feel, free at last. Your dreams may need to be revised, but its not a setback; only a detour. Keep thinking free, and dare to dream your life back to reality. Take action on that self portrait. You want to do something creative with your time.


You may feel, your dreams are unrealistic. If you work on your growth, you can accomplish anything. Chip away at that project, and keep working on it. You will see results eventually. Your ability to dream a way out of this is limitless.


Relief is yours. This is the first day you can really take a deep look into your dreams, and make them accomplish what you want. Believe in yourself, and keep thinking free. Remember to be kind, other people have had a rough month.


New light draws near, the power of your feelings may feel renewed. Love is coming back into fashion, and your thoughts should be able to resolve the problems. Be really creative with your work, do good work, and leave them something to remember you with.


Your thoughts are focused, your love is renewed. Be creative with your work. Take action, even in the early hours; your dreams are not far away, and may find new light to be. The day is yours if you keep going strong. Spend a few hours, and plan for the week coming up. Be sure to be doing something with your time, maybe plan a trip somewhere.


Actions motivated by love, will make your thoughts better. If you want to achieve results, you have to have a dream that is better than money, fame, or success. Make life better for everyone. Take those photographs. Do something with them.


Your dreams may be soon realized. Keep thinking free, take action today to make your life better. Even small changes are for the better. You need to keep growing, learn something new today. Your thoughts will be empowered if you back them with actions in kindness.


Your thoughts can be harnessed. You have the power to control your mind. The best time for action, thinking, love, and success. You will need to find a creative outlet for all that good stuff. Be careful to do good work, and like what you make. Sometimes, you have to make a mess on the canvas to get results.


Don't let them dim your shine. If they don't like it, tell them to prove they are better than you. Your dreams are not stupid. You can see success will be a matter of being awake, and self disciplined. Take action to show love and kindness to someone.


Today is a special day. The 42nd of the year. Pack a bag, take some small route to the top. You need to feel anything is possible. New light will come to you, like the moon if you keep an eye out for it. Inspiration is something you can achieve.


Start to shift into new habits. Your dreams will have more influence on you, and you need to keep a reasonable way of thinking. Don't take too many actions in a day, take some time to really enjoy being alive. Sip that coffee like a pro, take your time. Be sure to plan for the upcoming week. Make some creative plans, and stick to them best you can.


If you have seen growth, get prepared to be impressed. Your growth is entering a new phase. Be ready for new opportunities, and future dreams that will make you proud of yourself.


Your dreams are in the light, and thinking is going to be out of love, kindness, and right action. Focus on your growth, and adapt to the changes, some new dream is possible. Be creative with your work. Write that poem, take that photo. Do something that makes you grow with what is new.


You may feel torn between growth and achievements. Keep your thoughts positive, and keep dreaming. The time for action will soon dawn on you, maybe some new creative work will be yours. Take it easy on your pocket book. Do something free.


If you want to dream a new dream, you have to work on your growth. If you can see a shift in your thinking, be proud of yourself. You have come so far. Be kind in your actions. Don't make success your aim, you should enjoy doing creative things because you love doing it.


Maybe, you can see it all coming together? Keep thinking free, and know when to change course. Don't stay stuck in a rut. Try something new today. Your growth is going to experience what a real dream means. Be prepared to be enlightened. Change is around the corner. Your feeling are moving in the right direction, just be sure to do everything out of love, kindness, and compassion.


Don't make thoughts your aim. Your goals should be to make life better for everyone. Put some beauty back into the world. Get some shut eye, and come back stronger. Your dreams want to be free, but you have to keep perspective. Balance is key.


Your growth is going to be inspired. It's in the stars. If you feel like your success has not seen new heights, the time of growth, will change that for the better. There is a way out of this, give a damn about others. Be kind in what you do; especially to yourself. Don't be too critical of your creative work.


Return the growth to balance, Take some time to relax. Be kind to yourself, you need to allow the growth to influence new work. You need to get out of the ruts, take time to change your mind about oil paints, maybe more fun than guess so. Be sure to plan for this week, you will want to do some creative things with your time. Make a plan, and stick to it.


Karma works both ways. Look both ways before jumping into a creative project. If your motives are right, and you think anything is possible; you will go far. Success can be yours, take action before it is too late.


A good day. With proper balance anything is possible. Your thoughts can be empowered through kindness. Be creative with your work. Take the time to write, or paint. Challenge yourself with new growth. The stars want you to be bold in your statements of growth; the status quo is only a suggestion.


Your actions are setting a good example. Fortunately your growth is going to come in handy in the future. Because those dreams are going to start working for you. Love thinking about creative stuff, and dare to achieve something new.


You may feel a shift in your empowerment. Maybe, it is a good time to take action on some new creative project? Be sure you are motivated by love, kindness, and everyone's success. Learn a new dance step, figure out how to dream what is possible.


Your thoughts are set on achievements. Be sure to celebrate other people's success too. They matter just as much, don't be taking the spotlight all the time. Be loving in your actions. Your dreams are taking new shape.


Sometimes, life is messy. You don't have to break. Adapt to the changes, and make the best of it. Keep your thoughts away from anything unkind. Feelings can be difficult to understand, don't try to make sense of them, go with the flow.


You may feel taking action is best. Be sure to keep a loving frame of mind. If your only thinking of success, maybe you need to do something for someone else. Keep an eye on new talents, because your dreams want to kick some butt. Every Sunday is the day to be making your plans, this week is no different. Plan your week out, and live a creative lifestyle.


You feel that? The stars are pulling you in a new direction. Be sure to flow with the changes. Love being creative, and take action on that new work. You have the power to dream, this you can be sure of. You may have a new sense of focus now.


If you feel action is too much, take the time to think about everything you have accomplished. Your on the right path, you may feel your dreams are too grandiose. Keep thinking free, soon you may feel better about a big decision.


Feelings about life may be influenced by how you think. Be sure to avoid thoughts that make you have emotions, which in turn cause you to have more thoughts. Stop negative cycles early. Spend some time to write a new story, or a poem. Keep running; just be sure to face life while doing it.


Your dreams, growth, and feelings may be in harmony. Maybe you are making great progress in what you want. Be sure to pat yourself on the back. May your love be above your hate. Careful about future relationships.


Your feelings are chasing a dream. But will you have the strength to do what it takes? Keep your thoughts positive, and maybe you will see success. Chasing dreams may be fun, but they can also be expensive, how you going to pay for that dream?


Your thinking may run away with you today. Be sure to go somewhere you can dream. This may help you make a new dream, open your eyes to new potential. Do something creative with your energy.


Knowing when to walk away matters. Don't pick fights with anyone. Your thoughts, may be enhanced; however, your dreams want a front seat in the grandstands. Maybe make new growth a challenge, do something new. Spend a few hours planning the week out, what to do, what to accomplish, and how to do it.


You may feel torn between your dreams, and growth. There is a way out of this, if you can think your way out of it. Be sure to be kind in your actions, people may be disturbed by your empowerment. Don't let them dim your shine.


This year is about empowerment. Take the time, to feel better about yourself. Be kind to yourself about a creative work. There is no bad paintings, just ones that haven't been done yet. Try something new, before you achieve anything.


Madness. Keep an eye on your dreams. They will run away with you before you know it. If you watch your thoughts, you can do anything. Go somewhere, before the day dims.


Stop chasing everything. Let them come to you. Your dreams are all in front of you, just step into the dream. Your thoughts are in third place, elevate your mind. Value yourself, you matter. Do something creative today.


If you feel left behind, step up to the plate. It is time to do some real running. You have to stay on track with your creative goals. If those projects have not been tackled, start today. You can make good progress with them. Take the time to write a poem.


Maybe, your dreams feel bigger than life? Maybe your in the right dream! Keep thinking free, and believe in yourself. Remember to be kind, not everyone sees the dream like you do. They may not even appreciate it, still keep dreaming, take action.


A passing whim, maybe the future goal you want to work towards. If you chase everything you will be going a thousand different directions. Pick one! Do some work that takes your mind off the problems. Spend a few hours, and plan for your next creative project. Do something fun, that helps you feel your best.


Act on love. It's in the stars, you will achieve results if you keep thinking about it. Your growth will change, if you keep a loving attitude. Take the time, do something really creative. Your dreams will be better when you learn to let go.


This may not be a good day to make decisions. Take your time, before making commitments. Unless you have a blank canvas, then by all means; paint away, you can always cover it with gesso. Keep your brushes clean, they are expensive.


You may feel the pull. Some new dream, some new goal. See where it takes you and your creative inspiration. The possibilities are endless. Its only limited by what you can dream. Draw on the inspiration from the last few weeks. It may be good.


Things are starting to evolve. You may see clarity in new projects that haven't done very well. Keep chasing the dream, keep thinking free, and dare to dream. Love may be in fashion, if you can keep your head from getting in the way. Do something creative with your time; make that story shine.


You may feel disappointment the excitement is over. Have hope, there is new work to be done. Things are on the move, and maybe, you will find a new way to think about it. Your thoughts will grow when motivated by love, kindness, and compassion.


Your thoughts are entering a new stage of change. You are getting closer to real growth in the way you think. The dreams are not far off, don't chase your thoughts too much, nor boast of your dreams too loud. Stay low, and change with the seasons. Your feelings will pass with the changing seasons.


You want to chase love, but the time is not right. Stay awake, keep your senses about you. Be aware, have a care. Take a break from things not working for you, and focus on new ways to begin something. Maybe, your on the right track? Spend the time and plan your week out, you need a creative project to work on. Get busy, stay awake!

Vernal Equinox


Do you have some song stuck in your head? Because it seems your trying to run down a dream. Maybe, your thoughts are getting in the way of being productive? Take action, this week is just began, get some real satisfaction from it. Be creative with your efforts, and you will see results.


Your thoughts and dreams will align perfectly. Your growth is waiting for you. Adapt to the changes, and make the best of it. This may be a good day to do some new serious project. Take your time, and think about what you want to accomplish. You can do it. Really you can. Believe in yourself.


Dreams are fancy's you don't have yet. Keep taking action towards new creative work. Someday, your going to have results. If nothing else, you will have something to show for your time. You don't want to get the end, and have nothing to show for your time, do you?


Your feelings should be focused on love, kindness, and compassion. It only works if you have actions that back them up. If you can make your thoughts grow, you will see success.


You should feel a sense of accomplishment. If your actions are geared towards love, you can do anything. Having the right frame of mind, will help you through a creative project. Do something that makes life better for everyone.


Chase down those dreams. Hunt for them, search for them. They are most elusive. If you want to be free at last, you have to beat the great and mighty head game. Find your dream, and have some passion about it. Don't worry, there will be some new dream when that one is accomplished.


You want to achieve something out of love today. Even if it is just some new creative work, you want to have an accomplishment for your day. Spend a few hours, and plan the week out. You will be very happy that you did. You can do it. Do great work.


Your feelings may work together with your actions, and love. Maybe you will achieve something new today in your creative endeavors? Only you can choose to create. Do great work, and leave the doubters to their own hate.


If inaction is a problem, your going to have to find some new strength. Draw on past experiences, and make your life really great. Do some new creative work, take your time, enjoy the process. Writing can be a good source of inspiration. Try reading something that is really good. Your feelings are torn between growth and success.


Perhaps, the feelings you have are about future growth? If you are not sure how you are going to accomplish everything; take it one bite at a time. Chip away at those projects, and keep making progress. Your feelings are changing, prepare to adapt.


Your thoughts are nearing a new phase. Maybe, you will have some new major breakthroughs. Some thoughts are best left alone, don't hold on to them too long. Your feelings are going to want to rush your dreams, take your time; do it right the first time. Enjoy the process.


Your actions need to be in alignment with your core values. Do what is best for everyone, and good results will come from it. Have some love in your day, enjoy being alive. Thinking will be fun today, you may even have some new dream to pursue.


Thinking is easy for you, not everyone can do it. Don't make dreams your master, you have to grow through the problems. If you keep your feelings in check, and act out of love; you will go far. Keep thinking free, and dare to live to your best.


Your thoughts will come into focus. Once you have a clear idea of what your dreams are, you can grow at an exponential rate. Changes is about finding the right balance. It may be payday, but you don't have time to spend money; you have to create something new today. Spend some time, and plan your week out best you can. Be creative in your next project. Have fun!


If you want to empower your thoughts, its going to be necessary to keep your dreams from running amuck. Start hunting for new treasure. Find peace of mind in creative work, and enjoy the process. Your feeling will soon evolve into something you can work with.


If you make your thoughts your aim, you are going to have some difficulties with life. Focus on actions, and empowerment. Love your creative work, there is something new in your project list. Get busy, and tackle that next idea with grace.


If you want to evolve, you must focus your thoughts. These times will change you. It will either make you or break you. The difference will be in how you deal with it. Your growth will be with the development of your dreams. Focus on the positive, and leave the rest to sort itself out.


Your dreams should be be growing. If your thoughts don't get in the way of living, you can do a lot. Your actions will lead you to success. If you keep working on it. Keep thinking free, and be no mans slave. Do something creative with your time, write, paint, or take some photographs. The point is to be active with new growth.


Your dreams want a way to express themselves. Be creative in these times. The more work you can do, the better. Stay busy, keep doing creative stuff. Your feelings are changing, stay in control of yourself. Self mastery is important, and matters a lot.


Grab a coffee, and sit back and pat yourself on the back. You should be proud of yourself. Your dreams are in a phase of growth, and evolution. You want to stay focused in these times, have some faith, life will change for the better.


This time is best spent day dreaming. Dream some new dream, and believe anything is possible. Knowing the problem, is half the battle. If you can focus in the chaos, you will find satisfaction. Spend a few hours, and plan your week out. You will want to be ready for your next project. Be creative, and have some real fun with it.


Your dreams demand that you grow, change, and adapt. There is every reason to believe you can evolve into what you want. Change happens when you don't fight new ways of doing things. Find some new style to write in. You might be happy you did.


Your dreams are in sync with your goals. Now for the tricky part, you have to get your actions in line with your goals, and dreams. You can do it, just have some real belief in yourself. Do something creative with your time, effort, and energy. You can do it.


Dreams can be strange things, and right now, they want to be heard. Your dreams want to know why you don't listen. The answers are in your thoughts. You have to evolve into something more. Be more, do more. Do something creative with your time.


Thoughts and dreams. Your evolution is above your thoughts. And your growth is above your dreams. You can accomplish anything you set out to do. Keep love in mind, be kind. Take the right course of action today; be loving, kind, and compassionate.


Your thoughts are evolving at a steady pace. Maybe, there is some work to be done that will take your mind off it? Be creative with your work, start to really believe in yourself. You can do it. Be brave, there is more to believe in that the mundane. Your dreams are starting to grow with the change.


Change is sometimes difficult. Keep your thoughts in line with your core principals. You will find solutions, if you keep the right frame of mind. If you have to, reframe the situation to meet your needs. Do something creative for yourself. And be kind.


Thoughts will come and go. When the thinking shifts into being loving, and kind, you will go farther. Some new light is out there, if you look for it. Your feelings will be in high gear, take some rest, and enjoy being alive. These are good times, right? Spend a few hours, and plan the week out for your next projects. Build on what you have, and finish everything up.


You may be feeling a bit down, strong emotions should start to subside, and see some progress. Steady goes it, if you want to win, you have to set aside your materialistic goals. Moon rise will be the start of new ideas.


Tuesdays are usually good days, some lows, you may be feeling a bit mischievous today. Be open minded enough to take care of yourself best you can. Feelings should be about love, and being creative. It is a good time to grow.


Steady goes it. Sure ways to win a race. You want to be taken seriously, so be kind, true, and honest. Maybe a good day for being creative, and taking care of yourself. Make yourself useful, and have a great day.


Use care; and try to earn their respect. Be steady, like a rock. A good time to achieve some good writing, you want to do something that communicates your true potential. There maybe some romance, but only if you keep your home neat.


This may feel like a low, pick your socks up. Do your laundry, and make yourself useful. Steady goes it, and being creative is a good time to shine. Do good work, and make something beautiful. Might be a good time to make some new friends. Things will pick up in a few days.


It is time to do things your way. Be yourself, and have some fun. Make yourself useful, and be creative with your work. Steady work is important, pace yourself. Some friends may want to talk, make time for everyone. Empower your values, and make life better for everyone. Things should start getting better.


If other peoples plans haven't worked, do it your way. Work on your values, and do quality creative work. Be steady in your efforts, and you may feel a sense of strength through being diligent. A good time to communicate clearly from writing to talking. You want to achieve something really good.


You may be sensitive today, your values should be empowered, and being of service matters. Keep working on being creative, the stars are shining. Love your home, and write something sensitive that makes people care about each other.


Neutral ground is good. A friend may be good. Take care of your home, and clean up your messes. You may feel some sensitive and it may be good to let love be a compass. You should watch your communication and not be too harsh in writing.


You rock. If other people don't see it, that is their problem. Its good to feel like you matter, and be independent. You should make art to be of service, and to make your life better. You can achieve some great writing. You want to be careful how you act, you may be number one, remember to be humble.


You maybe feeling a bit better? You are a creative genius. Figure it out, and do the work. You want to achieve something in writing, or communication. Take action where you have to, and be proactive. Home is a good place to be.


Your love is home sweet home. Creative things should shine. Your values will have a sense of empowerment. Your creative feelings should really be in full swing, take advantage of the situation, and do great work. Maybe some paint splashes. You want your creative work to evolve.


Your evolution will be blocked by your feelings. You will have to think your way out of it. Be brave, and keep thinking free. Your real growth lies in being loving, with your dreams not far off. Be creative in how you paint, you want Picasso, not Sigmund Freud.


Leave those feelings behind you. Growth is in being loving. Your achievements are going to lead you to new territory. Maybe the last few months will pay off? Be brave, create something new. Finish those projects all the way. You have to.


Your feelings and your thoughts may be in alignment. It's a good day to keep your creative muscles flexed. Your evolving at a steady pace, and if you don't put too much pressure on yourself, you will find success in your dreams, or maybe love.


Change can be messy. Sometimes you have to adapt. Be patient with yourself, because you must get through it. Your thoughts will change, your love life will change, but you can't change your underwear, those lucky ones.


Be nice to your sister. Your thoughts are changing. You may feel like the world is not a nice place. Be kind any ways. Karma has its own sense of humor, and sometimes it is cosmic. Your growth is chasing your dreams, try to turn it around.


You may feel less intuitive, but your emotional and intellectual side is on the up swing. You want your creative work, to evolve. Its a good time to achieve some real progress with your values. You have the power. You dream of some great communication, maybe, you will write something great.


Your dreams may be empowered, keep working on your values, you want to feel safe and like you belong, maybe a good day to be creative at home. You want to grow your love for good things. Your creative side, may need to change directions.


It is a good day to shine. You want some attention. Excel at what you do, and keep thinking about being creative. Be tactful in your communication. You dream of of communication that has some drive to it. Be of service, and write that blog post.


Excel at being of service. Write well, and act like you mean it. You want to work on expansion, of ideas, and creative flow. You may feel like you need intimacy; be kind to yourself. You want to grow your home life to be really healthy.


You may want to be busy, doing idle busy work. Help out where you can, make yourself of use. You want to grow your creative writing where you can. Maybe, write that whole book in two days? If you can evolve your creative side, you may be thinking about how to change direction.


You may not feel of service to others, maybe you need to re-think your goals. Being creative is possible, and your growth lies in a good communication. You may be feeling down about yourself. Stay busy, your fortune is bright.


Think about the past few weeks. Where can you do better? Don't be too busy in just thinking, that isn't good to spin your wheels. Focus on the home, and being creative. Work on your skills for communication. This is a good time to expand your goals and thinking. Dream Big!!


You want to seek harmony. Make good music, and live well. Be sure to cooperate with everyone. You may achieve some growth in your values. The stars will be intimate, if you keep yourself regal.


You want to get along with everyone today. You want to achieve some communication. You may not feel like much use, think about ways you can be useful to others. Rethink your values. As the full moon comes near, you may feel some doors close.


You want to seek harmony in your secrets. Dig deep into your thoughts, and pull the good stuff from the ashes. You may feel your life, is not together. You will find love in creative endeavors. Feel free to evolve in your service.


And that is never a good day. You may feel strong emotions, maybe about your actions. Keep things in check. You want to take action around the home. Dream some new paintings or artwork. Things will change.


Mondays, are full of emotions. These may feel more than usual. You want to be versatile in your thinking. You might want to take a day off, and take it easy today. Rest up.


You may feel like, you have more freedom today. You have some real feelings about yourself. Don't think too much about how you look, be versatile in yourself. Change your look up a bit. Maybe something that isn't all black today, wear gray pants.


Freedom feels good. Be open minded about your feelings. You may want to dream about your home. But your fortune is in being creative. Love your creative work, while you have the freedom to do it.


You want to be careful. It matters to be taken seriously. You will want to think about your ability to be of service. Do what you can to earn their respect. Your intuition is working great, maybe you can figure out life's mysteries.


Be versatile. Life is about change. Think about your goals. Don't spin your wheels thinking about the past. Your intuition is perfect for finding creative solutions. You want to achieve independence. Be thinking about how to maximize that.


You want to be nimble on your feet. Learn to adapt to change. You may need to be independent, and feel the need to communicate those feelings. Say how you feel. You may think in different ways right now, think different.


You have been in need of doing things your own way. How you write matters, and maybe that blog post needs written. You want to achieve something great with writing. Be versatile in your approach. Plan the week out, and work on yourself. Some good will come from it.


Some sensitivity is good. Think about how you feel, but don't let them hurt your feelings. Adapt to change, and shake things up creatively. Find a sense of love in your creative work; be bold, be adventurous in your creative efforts.


Rethink your writing. Plan for good. While you have to adapt, be open minded about your goals, plans, and habits. Your feelings will be about dreams, growth, and actions. Take heed, your values matter. Think carefully about your actions.


You want to feel like your the best. Maybe, you can shine. You will find some love in creative outlets. Love comes in all different flavors. Be creative. Be versatile in your efforts. Your thinking is best kept to being creative. Steady goes it.


You want to be adventurous in your creative efforts. You may feel more creative right now. Shake things up a bit. There is some love, if you look for it. New things should start to happen.


Feeling like shaking things up? Be creative. Remember to take care of yourself. Take action and be adventurous. Get out of the house, you may find some comfort. Your secrets are safe with me.


Steady goes it. You may feel the need for stability, and security. Be versatile in your expressions. You may want to grow some life around your home. Feel good about what you have achieved this week, and get set for a new week.


Plan your week out. Make some goals. Keep centered on your needs, and don't worry about the wants too much. You want to achieve something in your communication today. Do some writing, or maybe, some poetry. Steady goes it. Take your time.


Your feelings will be looking for some new beginnings. Be versatile in your ways. Make yourself useful, and remain steady in your efforts. You will feel better being of some use to others.


You may be feeling sentimental today; try not to let thinking about the past be a problem. Your emotions are likely high, maybe that is a good thing? Your going to want to shake things up a bit, make yourself useful.


Keep your thoughts positive. Some new beginnings are around the corner, and if you make good use of your time; much good will come from it. Spend some time writing, and being creative. You may find love, in being creative. There is no bad creative work, only work that isn't done.


Rethink your writing today. Find something that is positive to write about. Maybe a story about the past? Tell a good story. Think about how you want to be useful, and find ways to evaluate your potential for doing better.


Secrets are something to be weary of. Keep working on your virtue, and make plans to do better. Be open minded, but still be a moral person. Intellectually your coming up, rise to being what you can be. You are more than they think you are. Think about your communication, and how to be effective.


It is time for some expansion. You may feel the need to upgrade your thinking. Don't be too grandiose. Still, knock the ball out of the park. Being versatile will help you adapt to life. Keep an open mind about yourself. Steady goes it. Emotional and intellectual are in good order, work on your physical.


You still want to be versatile, and fastidious. The moon rises at midnight, you want to get started way before then. Intellectually your doing super good. Dream about how to be sensitive, kind, and generous. Grow in kindness and keep dreaming.


Your feelings will keep you doing steady work. You want to shake things up a bit, and evolve in your dreams. Love is in being creative, and keeping your communication real. You want to think about how to achieve the next steps.


You want to adapt. Be open minded. Keep your perspective and think about how you want to achieve your dreams. You want to take action, and leave the time wasters alone. You may feel better thinking about your goals. This is a good time, to make some real goals in life.


Your feelings should be about goals. Have some. Shake up your creativity, and find some love in being creative. Think about how to empower your values. Think about the virtues you want to have. Take care of your physical self. Spend some time talking with someone one on one. Be kind.


You will will be in better harmony if you keep your communication open and honest. You will want to be friends with someone, and maybe, you should shake your creative efforts up, because that is where the love is at. Think about your values, and home life.


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