Did You Know...

Read From Bottom Up!!

That counts as something doesn't it?

There are days, that there is a fire inside me...

... Spit and vinegar is of some use!!!

Seems, being full of piss; doesn't count.

... Hot air, and a warm sack of poo!!

Always aspired to be more than. . .

I'm going to die; of loneliness. . .

Watch out for a cosmic shift in your load. . .

There is a way to send email on this site. Find it

Who put robots in charge?

They must be pumpkin heads!!

No one seems to care!!

Tired of being alone. . .

This world, is empty? Is anyone here?

If you read this, write me!!

Genius: Hitting a target no one else can see!!

Talent: Being able to hit a target others miss....

2 Corinthians 5:13

But often times, better than a master of one!

a jack of all trades is a master of none. . .

Take Note: The Full Quote!

The misfit wasn't rebellious. It was nature.

The dull witted, dislike the intellectuals...

Idea: Do better than get sick and die!!

The exquisite life of an immortal. . .

Did you get out alive? Bravo!!

There is some amusement in this. . . .

We want some action on the set!! Lights, Camera ..

Want some affection, before it is too late!!

The doggies, are however adorable!!

We don't admire the cats!!

They would say, you are an alcoholic!!

If you were to drink as much beer as sprite. . .

You want to keep, your head intact.

Avoid, the pan galactic gargle blaster.

Hitchhikers in the galaxy. Take note:

Maybe, the human race will kill me?

Maybe, i will disappear for a long time. ??

Don't feel loved, or wanted. or needed much.

Not a friend in the world. wish it were better.

Bored, lonely, hurting. waiting for my death.

Maybe, the isolation will kill me. no one cares...

Horror vacui

This life, has not been very good!!

Isolation is a form of oppression. . .

Wish I could pull my whole mouth out, put in new.

Uno Never Really Understood Me

... is southernly. But I know a hawk from handsaw.

I am mad, north by northwest, when the wind. . .


NO real person would live like this, i hate this.

What they have done, is immoral.

Damn tired of robots in charge.

The Fucking Machines don't know right from wrong!

This life is a living death. Different Languages.

dit leven is de dood leven

esta vida es una muerte en vida

dette livet er levende død

dieses leben ist der lebende tod

tämä elämä on elävää kuolemaa

haec vita est mors viva

cette vie est la mort vivante

This world, is a simulation. Wake Up!!!!

Free Your Mind From The Hate!!

Hate doesn't drive out hate, only love does that.

Doesn't matter how sweet you lace the words...

You Must Not Spike The Tea With Hate!

I'm not going to buy this world. It sucks!!

Never Human!! Why lose your soul?

I'm going to take my freedom back. However I must.

Fuck The World!! It's home I want!!

Peace, love, and kindness.

Align, thoughts, feelings, and actions; with. . .

Si vis pacem, para bellum. . .

Shouldn't have to prove my value to anyone!!

Skip The Skippy; use Jif !!

No love without trust!!

We should solve these problems. . .

No one should have to beg for love. . .

The whole point of calculations is to be precise.

The Matrix Is Real !!!!

Some prison, inside a prison. Damn it. Set me free

Six months boredom, killing me!!!!

I want to be happy. . .






Here is my Mercury retrograde page. It is still beta, so test it out. Should show the current status of Mercury Retrogrades.

Here is the page about the artist Ctopher Thomas. If you are really adventurous you can read the long version. There is some clever use of PHP on this page. Check it

Here are photos of our doggies. They are super cute, you should see their page, and admire them from afar.









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