Did You Know...


Excellence is a choice you must make. . . .

Sometimes, however people are wise beyond normal..

Excellence is only through habits. . .

Misfits Are Special.

Going to leave a funny joke in its wake.

Therefore, they are not smart!!

Smart would have been kind to me!!

Prompt profound regret!!

The logical solutions haven't worked out!!

I'm keen on finding better solutions. . .

Need some effective solutions!!

Be cautious: Life is a trap for fools!!

If you live my life; You will agree with me!

Truth: You can make a machine smart. . .

Sometimes if trained they know right from wrong. .

They however wouldn't know good from bad!!

Some things sink in real quick!!

A society that doesn't think, is never literate.

There are some good people in this world!!

I have an idea !!

The impressive mouse dines at midnight. . .

The fortunate mouse out lives the cats. . .

The fabulous mouse outsmarts the cats. . .

The ecstatic mouse lives well. . . .

Some easy way to out smart a cat !!

Not that I'm without empathy, I still have a heart

We take no delight in cats!!

Be a diligent puppy, do your own research!!

I am a competent clever puppy!!

Everyone could be a champion. . .

Stay calm, life is amazing if you live right !!

Be brave, live to the max !!

If you approve of living, then live well !!

If you are alive, then there is hope for you!

We admire those who live it up!

Sometimes, you have to take action!!

No right to rule me!!

Humans have no right to rule...

They have no right to rule true men !!!!

Be brilliant, stay calm. Chin up!!

Be brilliant - Love with all your hearts...

Ignorance is not bliss. . .

Absolutely have to make life better!!

Be alert, have a care, share kindness with others.

I am alive; I want life to be amazing!!

Humans are not fit to rule themselves!!

Only the illusion of free will. That is the truth!

There is no free will here. . . .

Some people are awesome! I am !!

Be wise; get awake, aware, and have a care!!

If you think that is good enough; live my life.

Do you think just existing is good?

What kind of life would you agree to?

Needed some affection. Its not too late!!

I admire some people, from afar. . .

Be active; life is meant to be lived!!

It helps if you are accepting of truth. . .

Some people think its cool to be boujee.

In exchange for an easy life. . .

Are willing to relinquish their free will . . .

Want to absolutely nail this future to be better!!

Because old ways just aren't working very well...

Need to take some new action. . .

I'm trying to be adventurous.

Looking for some affection; maybe I am adorable?

At this point, I just want to be happy!!

Like to see you do half as well under the same!!


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