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Christopher Thomas

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Christopher Thomas is a radical guy. In the 1,478,417,492 seconds alive, he has become a creative genius with technically sound abilities. He is a Misfit, really an anti-conformist. He is a free thinker that has written over six million words.

He feels the world is -1,460 days overdue for change. Something should have changed by now; REALLY!! The long version contains some more thoughts, read it if you are really adventurous.

Christopher Thomas is a Generation X Dog lover, that likes a good bitch. He was born in Colorado in the year of the Tiger, and has traveled from Colorado to Arizona. Then to California where he spent twenty-nine years looking for love. It seems that looking for love was only a snark hunt to distract him from the real meaning of life.

In the process he has written four books of Fiction while compiling a vast array of short stories that may not ever see the light of day. His book Misfit Company 42 has been self published, however its currently only available from his web site. It's not for everyone, and it may not be for you.

Christopher has studied photography for over twenty-five years, and coming from a film based studio work, digital has been a God send in being creative. Christopher works with Adobe Photoshop and has done Studio, Portrait work, and location photography.

Christopher is a computer Geek and finds happiness in things that most people would consider, "Too much work" for the average consumer. Which would suit him just fine because he doesn't really consider himself a consumer, only a creator.

Christopher was working in the technology field in the late nineties and early two thousands. After some major setbacks in life he has existed while living like a ghost in today's modern world.

While he considers himself an artist, there is really nothing that could stop him from branching out to other areas in life. At least not in thought. He can program a perl script, configure a router, and admin a unix box or two.

He has been a long time Macintosh power user, with lots of experience in creative fields of study that few ever dare dive into. He has written over five million words in the last twenty years, and taken several thousand photographs of the world around him.

Coffee is the fuel, Cigarettes are just there to let the dust settle. He currently lives in Arizona. He dreams about building a self contained bio-dome that is self sufficient to make his home.

He has a blog if you feel like reading. When you have free time, you should read about what he thinks about the human experience.

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