The Long Road

[5th Edition]

A good book for free thinkers. . .

The Long Road is a captivating collection of futuristic and dystopia short stories written over a ten-year period by Christopher Thomas. The stories are an impressive introduction and lead into his other works. With brief stories such as The Space Disaster, American Zombie and The Queen’s Assassin, there truly is something in the collection for every reader.

Length: 156 Pages

Genre: Sci-Fi Dystopia


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Dear Goth

[5th Edition]

Dear Goth is a dark tale of hope, romance and life after death.

In a quiet town, Lucius lives with his wife and a suspicion that things aren’t what they seem. But when fate introduces Devon into his life, this suspicion is verified on a larger scale than he could have ever imagined.

A member of Ashes to Ashes, a secret society that believes in life after death, Devon is determined to prove that Lucius is someone she knew from a previous life. His world is turned upside down as Devon brings him to the tomb of his true identity, Ash Moonblood, a man wanted by many.

Upon learning his truth, Ash leaves behind his wife and his once quiet existence to live in hiding with his long lost love, Devon. But between the comforts of Europe, the night life in New York and the glamour of London, humanity’s attempts to expose Ash Moonblood’s past forces the pair to relocate.

Length: 128 Pages

Genre: Dark, Gothic Romance

Dear Goth a gothic romance with a thrill. Follow the life of someone who knows about life after death. Watch his new life, and where it goes.

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Dear Goth Book Cover




Misfit Company 42

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An epic war story. When the bug heads invade planet earth, Area 51 has to decide who is going to handle the problem. Thus Misfit Company 42 is born from almost nothing to make life safe again.

This book is the lives of two people that are extraordinary and that have some real adventures running Company 42. You can follow the story as they go from one galaxy to the next while hunting enemies that have tried to kill them; though few ever have a chance to try killing them twice.

This tome contains three books in one volume. Follow the story as life and death blur the lines from life to life of epic battles waged by the Misfits.

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