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Profound Understanding

What is Truth?

Karen and the Hibachi

Head On

The Fall. How modern society failed!!

Modern Culture

Skill: Understanding RGB Color Profiles!

Sand In Your Socks

How I Journaled Six Million Words

Thoughts On Validation

Thoughts on life!!

New Year, The Worlds Identity Crisis.

Losing Your Mind

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Cause of Sadness

The Generation

Creative Ice

Creative Lifestyles in Artists Hopes


Captains Log

The Mind

How to go from having thoughts to thinking

Idea: Sleeping In Comfort

Read This!!!!!

Challenge: How was it done?

Photography At Your Best

Misfit Tough!!

My Heart and Mind On Your Sleeve

Day One Thousand Fifty One

Thinking Art, Is There More?

The Future: 1

Time To Tighten It Up

Color Photographs

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Story About Tulips

Boredom The Plague

The Difference

The Long Road Meet The Characters and Descriptions

Talent Perl:

Comfort Zones

Focus tip for Digital Photography


Resume Available: Christopher

The Future

Story: Chapter One; The Immortals of The MilkyWay

Uniformity, Conformity, Mindless Zombies!!

Example With A Point

When Creativity Isn't Enough

Message In A Bottle

Did you know me?

The Ultimate Selfie

Thinking and Feeling

in the spirit of beowulf

Photo Post

Instagram Style Guides Needed For Poets

Self Reliance, New beginnings, and old worn out...

A short note

The Long Road

Day Five Hundred Sixty-One

An Important Truth

When Creativity Isn't Enough


Depth Of Field

Quote: The Difference!!

Creative Fuel - Guide To Success

Dogs Welcome

About: Some details

Re Writing Writers Block, The Challenges

Creative Environments

Web Site Progress

Calibrate Yourself For Success

Knowing The Path and Walking The Path

Color Photographs: Color Temperature

Geek Tips

Bucket List


Modern Culture

Note To Future Self

Day 69

Make Good Use Of Your Time!

The Moon Dilemma (WIP)

Uniformity: Social Links


The Story of Valdership

How To Use Technology To Calibrate

Why Lonely People Stay Lonely

Day 74 Whisky On The Rocks

Cookie Cutter Aspects

Potential To Change The World!

Thoughts So Far

Notes From The Bit Bucket

Encrypted Email s/mime vs PGP

Must READ!!

Earthly Missions: Bloom In Kindness

Life explained!

Wanted: Lasting Peace

Dance In The Shine

Sharper Image? Do Laundry!

Photos as gifts

Starting Now

Poem Between Unknown Friends

Calibrate Yourself For Success

The Choice

operating cheese danishes

594 Days Past Due

Man Vs Machine

Day Sixteen Thousand Two Hundred Fifty Seven

Create, Dream, in-vision Better For Progress and...


Doubts? Stone Cold Hard Facts!!


The Void

Boredom: The Plague

Short Essay

How Do We Win Your Hearts?

The Future - Short Story

Day Six Thousand Four Hundred Seventy-Four

Human Mechanics - A Primer

Perl Logs and Planet X

Digital Chaos Redux

Generation X

Something to think about!!

Have A Nice Weekend!

The Joy Of Photography:

Is Solitude The Only Solution?

Describe Value To You

The Dragon In Spider Webs